Protecting Australia’s threatened species

“Australia’s unique bushlands are part of our national heritage. Australian Bush Heritage gives us all a simple, practical way we can help to protect them….I’ll always support Bush Heritage”
John Williamson
Bush Heritage Patron

Bush Heritage is a national, independent, non-profit organisation committed to preserving Australia’s biodiversity by protecting the bush.  It is Australia’s most widely supported national organisation dedicated to protecting species and habitats through the creation of reserves on private land.

Australia has one of the most biologically diverse landscapes in the world. Many important areas of native vegetation and wildlife habitat are on private land and are under threat from clearing or degradation. This is endangering the survival of Australia’s unique native species.

Australia has one of the world’s highest rates of land clearing – UN figures show it to be comparable to the worst Asian, African, and South American deforestation rates.

Bush Heritage reserves are protected forever, and are actively managed for conservation.

Buying back the bush

Since 1990 Bush Heritage has been raising money from the community to create a network of reserves across Australia.  This has been achieved by buying land of high conservation value and ensuring its long-term protection. Bush Heritage Reserves are protecting areas of outstanding conservation significance from the tropical rainforests of the majestic Daintree River area of North Queensland to the diverse woodlands of southwestern Western Australia.Our newest Reserve – called the Charles Darwin Reserve – lies on the northern edge of the Western Australian wheatbelt. It is the largest Bush Heritage land purchase so far at 68,600 hectares. It protects ancient woodlands of york gum, salmon gum and gimlet as well as sandplain shrublands, natural saltpans, clay pans and rocky outcrops. Now these outstanding habitats will continue to safeguard a myriad of small beasts, birds and a breathtaking array of plants for the long term.In 2001 Bush Heritage purchased Carnarvon Station in central Queensland. This magnificent 59,000 hectare property of brigalow, native grasslands, vine thickets and other threatened vegetation types, might otherwise have been cleared for grazing. Our purchase of this land means the animals, birds and plants who depend on it have also been protected.
“Three cheers for Bush Heritage – conservation’s simplest and most intelligent idea.”
Phillip Adams AO, Broadcaster, Bush Heritage Patron

For more information on what’s on our reserves and how we manage them visit the selection and management page.

Bush Heritage is a Company Limited by Guarantee, with tax deductibility status. It has staff based in Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, Carnarvon Station Reserve, Charles Darwin Reserve, Brisbane, Emerald, and Yass and is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors from around Australia.

Our latest reserve: Charles Darwin Reserve in Western Australia

– 68,600 hectares of sandplains and ancient woodlands protected
– Declining woodland birds have a secure home
– Rare plants and their habitats are safe
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